Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chinese Garden Mandala update

 I finished part 4.  I estimate it took about 16 hours.  I kind of wish I'd timed it.  I did most of it in one day, but then only had an hour here and there to finish the rest. 
 Then I started on Part 5.  It's supposed to be a mountain scene.

I also bought the pattern for the victoria sampler gingerbread house.  My hope is that I can make a  lot of progress on the CGM over the summer and start the gingerbread house in the fall.  They shipped it with a bunch of confetti, which I wasn't expecting.  It made for a fun surprise! 


Marguerite said...

Wonderful stitching, it looks great.

Nancy in IL said...

A wow on getting most of part 4 done in a day! And the progress must be very satisfying - it's really lovely! I look forward to seeing more!

Connie said...

Thank you. Having large chunks of time to stitch does make for a very satisfying experience!

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